How to Keep Your Email List Growing

How to Keep Your Email List Growing

Sep 16, 2021 | Email Marketing

Perhaps you’ve perfected your email strategy, but lately, you’ve noticed your number of email subscribers has remained stagnant – or worse, your number of subscribers is decreasing. Don’t panic! It’s natural for email lists to degrade over time as your contacts opt-out of communication, create new email addresses, or change companies. As a marketer, it’s important to keep the health of your email list top of mind. Big Surf Media Partners has you covered! In this blog post, we will cover different strategies to encourage consumers to sign up for your emails and keep your list growing.

Utilize Call-to-Actions Across Your Website

Including a call-to-action or CTA, across your website, is one of the most traditional ways to attain email addresses. Embedded sign-up forms, pop-ups, and hyperlink buttons are all examples of CTA’s that could be included on your website. Incorporate these CTA’s on high traffic webpages to gain the most exposure. Call-to-actions on your website help to capitalize on the traffic your site already receives and encourage an audience who’s interested in your brand to hear more from your business.

Encourage Subscribers to Share Your Emails

If your current subscribers are finding value in your emails, their friends or colleagues will likely find value as well. Including a “Send to a Friend” button within your marketing emails will encourage your subscribers to do just that, expanding your contact list in the process. Include a “Subscribe” CTA within all emails as well, so those who received a forwarded email can easily opt-in too.

Add a Hyperlink in Your Email Signature

Even if you don’t have a long list of email subscribers, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a large network of peers. If you communicate daily with a diverse group of people via email, adding a hyperlink in your email signature could be a great way to reach that audience and encourage them to hear more from your business. If they see value in your personal emails, they could find value in your company’s emails as well.

Host an Online Contest

Everyone loves a giveaway! Hosting an online contest where entrants are required to provide an email address is an easy and fun way to grow your email list. Keep your giveaway timely by making a connection to the season or holidays. Plus, if you’re giving away an item from your business, you can help familiarize someone with your products who may not have been aware before the contest.

Collect Emails in Person

In-person events are back! When planning your presence at local events and festivals, don’t miss the opportunity to collect email addresses from attendees. You can entice them to give you their information by offering something fun at your event booth – like a chance to win a raffle or a special discount. If your business has a storefront where you interact with customers face-to-face, this is another great opportunity to collect email addresses in person. Ask for email addresses at checkout to sign up customers for emails from your business.

Produce Gated Content

Creating gated, premium content will give your audience a reason to provide you with their email addresses. Whether that’s a webinar, eBook, or template, gated content should be something that your customers find value in. The more premium content you have, and the wider variety of gated items, will make it easier for you to attract more people and collect more email addresses.

Avoid Purchasing Email Lists

Although this seems like a quick fix to grow your email database, purchasing email lists will hurt the health of your email marketing campaign. People on a purchased email list aren’t familiar with your brand, making it highly likely that they will mark your email as spam, which may hurt your deliverability in the long run. There are many other high-quality strategies to encourage consumers to sign up for your emails that you can utilize instead of purchasing an email list.

The best way to keep your email list growing is to utilize multiple strategies, helping you reach your audience from a variety of angles and increasing the chances of growing your list. Once you’ve built a healthy subscriber list, learn how to provide value in your emails to keep your audience subscribed. Needing some expert guidance for your email strategy? Reach out to our experts at Big Surf Media Partners today!

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- Lindsey Butler, Sales Director, Silver Bay YMCA

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